Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amazing Nassir Jalal Bin Blshan


Invited to Qatar by someone of our family, i had the chance to discovery an amazing country built with a lot of imagination and where our dreams become true. H.H Sheikh Hamad Bin Kalifa Al Thani and H.H Sheikha Mozah (the most beautiful Sheikha, i`m sorry for the others!!) can be really proud about their country.

We travelled with Qatar Airways in business class, the dream already began...
When we arrived to Doha, in front of the airport a Mercedes s500 convoy were waiting for us.
They drove us to our hotel, "The Ritz Carlton", near "The Pearl", (Porto Arabia is an amazing construction) on the sea. You must see it!
In the hotel we saw a ballet of Qatari inhabitants , mens in white and womens in black,it was so elegant.
. The next day, when i wake up, i saw Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams in the elevator, Jelena Jankovic, Dinara Safina, Caroline Wozniacki in the restaurant.
It was The Master of Doha 2009.
In the evening, I was invited by Mister Nassir Jalal Bin Blshan who had organized all of that for us.
Nassir Jalal Bin Blshan is an important business man in Doha. We arrived in front of his house and immediately 3 persons came to welcome us. They have prepared an amazing table with fruits, chocolates, cakes, juices etc.
Nassir were waiting for us in his living room, it was really like one palace of 1001 nights.
Just before beginning to speak with my sister husband with who he does his business, he offered us a lot of gifts (vertu mobile phone Ferrari limited edition and a Lamborghini computer)...
Nassir were really generous with our family, but he is generous with all the people also!
I think it is his way to thanks his life, for all his sucefull business.
He has few companies in Qatar and around the world. Nassir Jalal Bin Blshan makes a lot of investments in crazy projects , and by miracle until now, his investments became gold, he is a real genius plus he has the chance to have just beside him a lot of important people.
While Nassir Jalal Bin Blshan were talking with my sister husband about a pharonic project that they are realizing since 3 years ago, one member of my family showed me Nassir car's collection. I'm still dreaming... Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Maclaren SLR 722, Roll Royce Phantom, Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron... and his boat is amazing.I'm still dreaming

I Dedicate this blog to Mister Nassir Jalal Bin Blshan to give me a chance to discover Qatar, the pearl of the Orient!

Thank You Mister Nassir Jalal Bin Blshan.